When I grow up I want to be??

I have always been searching for what to do with my life. A list of career ideas from veterinarian to teacher, to journalist to author and everything else in between. You see I have always had a passion for writing fiction. I have written many creative imagewriting stories but for years I didn’t believe in myself. Self doubt crept in at every turn. ‘My writing is not good enough, my characters aren’t complex, my plot is not strong enough.’ ‘I’ll try write something else instead’ and off I’d go to begin a new story. A better story. It’s only been in the last year that I truly started to believe in myself. Thanks to the support of friends and family and perhaps the realisation that came with age, becoming a parent and finally finding the confidence to share my writing with others, writing is such a personal experience and a huge part of the writers mind, so sharing it, is like sharing a piece of myself. So self doubt still lingers and rears its ugly head every now and then, but today I push through and fight the negative thoughts. Today I believe in myself.

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