Do Authors have to stick to one genre?

373499As writers of fiction do we need to keep with a particular genre? I have a love for writing in the fantasy genre, but I also enjoy writing romance/historical. Does that mean I have to stick to fantasy? As a creative writer and a lover of books, I don’t want to be exclusively locked into one genre. I love writing different characters, plots and themes.

In terms of marketability, it seems most advice on this topic is to become a successful author you need to pick a genre, write it well and stick with it, to build up your author name and a loyal fan base. So if you publish a novel in the fantasy genre, and 30,000 people purchase it, and really like it, you have 30,000 fantasy readers awaiting the next novel.

If however, the second novel you publish is a romance novel, you are back to finding your audience, therefore you are starting all over again. So you may have two fan bases to build on instead of focussing your energy on one. If you build up your fan base in one genre and make a name for yourself, you become a specialist in the field and perhaps in the future if you do switch genres your name and your reputation will speak for itself. But this got me thinking as an author can we entwine genres in our novels, does our writing style have to be solely romance, fantasy, thriller, etc.

Can we go against the grain? And what’s to say readers have to stick to one genre…personally I know I read a variety of different genres.

How about you? Do you only stick to one genre when reading and/or writing?


8 thoughts on “Do Authors have to stick to one genre?

    • Yes you are totally right Brittney, do what ever makes you happy! I like the sound of romantic suspense, Very intriguing. Good luck with it.

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  1. Definitely mix it up, explore and expand. Cross genre reads are popular and there’s no going back. I think you’re right that writing in two completely distinct genres has its downside in terms of marketing, but if that’s what you want to do, do it. People will read good books.


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