1. WRITE: set yourself deadlines: write a page a day, a chapter a month, etc… make sure to give yourself reasonable expectations and time frames.
  2. NETWORK: Join a writers group to network and gain support from the writing community, attend a writer’s workshop or festival, join a book group.
  3. READ: Read as much and as often as you can.READ
  4. KEEP A JOURNAL: to jot down all of your fabulous ideas. I personally like to hand write my ideas, but you can also use your Smartphone note taking app, or a voice recording app to record your notes. I also like to keep on my character notes, plot summaries, and charts in a clear slip folder, it makes it easier to access quickly and is more organized.
  5. OBSERVE THE WORLD: observe your surrounds, people you know, strangers, and locations. there is inspiration for plots, characters and themes all around you.
  6. CREATE A WRITING SPACE: especially for you to focus on your writing. Use inspirational quotes, pictures, photographs, flowers, and/or a beautiful view to motivate and inspire you.Inspirational writing space
  7. PROOFREAD: at least three times before submitting your work for publication.
  8. CREATE A BLOG: you could use it to discuss your ideas and experiences in the writing world, and a blog is a great way to meet like-minded people and to get your work out there, and build upon your writing platform.
  9. SUBSCRIBE TO WRITING BLOGS on the Internet. Learn from other writers; read, contribute, and share.
  10. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: whether you are published or not, or if it’s a hobby or a profession. YOU ARE A WRITER. DON’T FORGET IT!



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