Self Doubt as a Writer

beliefI have recurring pattern when it comes to novel writing. It seems I like many writers suffer from self doubt. What starts out as a confident and thrilling idea turns into uncertainty and scepticism on my part. I am gripped with a fear of conviction and it troubles me to the point of beginning a new story.

Looking back on my writing, I found the point of my self-doubt begins to leak in around chapter six. The writing slows and I begin to rethink my storyline and then I find a new plot and begin again, leaving my work half done.

This time when I begin to question myself, I am fully aware of my weakness and with the realisation of my negative mind; I push through chapter six and with it comes my favourite chapter. So now I’m up to chapter eight and I feel a new found confidence and excitement for what is yet to come.

Do you ever feel like giving up with your writing and start again?

What makes you push through self doubt?

6 thoughts on “Self Doubt as a Writer

  1. Hi there 🙂
    I think self doubt comes with the territory for creative people. I’ve had self-doubt for years and continue to have it every day but I’ve come to realise that I cannot use it as an excuse to stop me from going after what I want – becoming a full time author. I’m always going to be my own harshest critic and that’s ok but the only way I’m going to improve and grow as a writer is by putting my work out there to be criticised by others. Some will like it other will not but we shouldn’t aim to please everyone.


    • Yes I think you are right Kasia, self doubt defiantly comes with the territory with creative people! It sounds like we are at the same point with our writing, I use to be to scared to show others my work, now I’m becoming more confident in myself and like to share it. Writing is such a personal part of the writers mind. Good luck with all your writing! Hope to read some of your work one day! 😃

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  2. When I was younger I used to give up on my books half way through because of self-doubt. I am finally trying to turn off those feelings anytime they try to seep into my brain when writing- and it is working so far. best of luck!


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