Creative Writing Tips

 cropped-picture1light.jpgHere are some creative writing tips I have learnt throughout my university degree and my own writing process.

 Things not to do and to do in your creative writing:

  1. Do not begin your story with the narrator waking up in bed in the morning or the narrator opening their eyes. It seems we have been saturated with waking-up scenes.
  2. Try not to overuse the word ‘quickly’, as an action for your character.  For example: other synonyms for ‘quickly’ ‘abruptly’, ‘without delay’, ‘instantly.’
  3. Try not to use shaking, exploding, shooting out, freezing or melting real or imagined emotions or body parts including hearts, minds/brains, lungs, stomachs, spines, eyes (including tears), blood, lips, faces, hands, fingers or ‘souls’. For example instead of ‘her heart exploded from her chest,’ try expressing powerful emotions of grief and love, through gestures and body language, ‘she placed her hand on her heart.’
  4. Do not write everything. For example: ‘she got out of the car, and closed the car door and crossed the street and went into the café,’ instead allow the characters to tell the story. Try to drop your reader into the middle of a scene.
  5. Do not write of gentle breezes (breezes are by definition gentle) blowing through hair of any colour.
  6. Try think of your characters features in a new sense: no ‘blue eyed, blonde haired,’ or ‘smooth tanned skin.Try instead, ‘eyes the colour of sandstone.’
  7. Do not use ‘could/can.’ For example, ‘I could hear.’ Instead Write ‘I heard’ or ‘I saw’.

4 thoughts on “Creative Writing Tips

  1. These are some good guidelines for writers to follow. Regarding point 1: I once read a manuscript where the writer didn’t just start the story with the narrator waking up; she started the first three chapters the exact same way.


    • I have to admit in my first year at Uni, creative writing unit and I started my short story with a wake up scene. I got blasted by my lecturer. Haven’t done it since though. Thanks Ozier.


    • Hi Sharon, thanks for the follow. I’m following you now too. Great site by the way. Im so glad the creative writing tips are useful to you and will help your class.

      Liked by 1 person

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