What Inspires You?

My poetry and writing is a collection of inspiration, past, present and future. I find inspiration in my surrounds; people I meet, characters in books I read, music I love, even Television shows. My writing comes naturally; most times I find it comes easily. It’s something I can’t stop, the overwhelming urge takes over and I must write.

I think my love for the written word was shaped by my mother’s influence, she use to, and still does read all the time, rarely will she watch TV, always her nose in a book. As a child I use to beg my mum, ‘read me one more book please.’ Her throat sore, her mouth dry, although she’d always read one more.

She took me to the library at least once a week, the memory of our local town library still etched in my mind. I can see every book shelf, dimly lit hallways, the narrow staircase zigzagging up into a paradise of books for children, little chairs at the window overlooking the streets below.Irl_Dub_TrinityOldLibrary2 old-library-reading-room2 old-shattered-library St_John's_College_Old_Library_interior

I lose myself, find myself and express myself through the written word.

My mother inspired my writing, and she still does. I’m so blessed.

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