Where Are Your Manners?


Out on a bike ride with my daughter this morning, across the lake and through to the park, we rode past people, workers, families, kids. So I’m a pretty friendly person and always polite, but at the same time I won’t tolerate rudeness.

Coming to a bridge workers were working on, I slowed my bike down, a worker just stared at us, no expression on his face, I said “hi” and smiled, he continued to stare with a sour look on his face. I actually burst out in laughter and said “Okay then, have a nice day.” I kept riding only to go past another worker with the same sour disposition, I smiled, he glared.

On the way back after a wonderful play in the park with my very happy daughter, we had to ride over the bridge and past the workers again. This time, the first worker looked at me and smiled and said ‘hi.’ I shook my head and smiled.

manners funnyWhat is with people and manners? If someone says hello, the polite thing to do is say hi back…right?

I seem to get it a lot, especially in my place of work where sometimes people look straight through me. I’m noticing it more and more, with children who you say hello too and they don’t answer, and their parents also ignore you.

What example are we setting for our children if we can’t even have the common courtesy to say hello?

2 thoughts on “Where Are Your Manners?

  1. I’ve noticed similar lack of manners in the classroom. A friendly “good morning” or “how’s everyone doing today?” elicits blank stares and silence. It’s not until I repeat myself that a few respond. Do you think we are spending so much time in our own heads and on our devices that we actually forget to interact?


  2. Yes I definitely think our interest in technology has contributed and also our busy lives. Just the other day out at lunch I noticed a family of four at a table beside us, all with I phones in hand, enthralled in their virtual world. They didn’t speak to one another, not once.


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