How do you motivate yourself?

I have three more units to go and I have finished my Bachelor of Arts, writing and media. I am so close I can almost feel it, yet it feels so far away, the closer I get to it, the further my mind wanders.

How do I stay motivated?

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I am a very active person, I am always challenging myself.

I want to do everything all at once. I’m so impatient…

I’m a mum, I work in early childhood education, I’m a uni student, and a blogger, and I’m trying to write a novel…hmm yeah I think that’s enough for the moment. It’s overwhelming but writing  is something I  can’t switch off and writing my novel or blog posts and poetry is what I want to do at every chance I get. It’s my passion.

Funny quote I’ve noticed my course getting neglected. This semester I have to write a story for young people, that being from ages 9-17 years old. I have no idea where to start, I haven’t written anything for children before. I’m excited to see how I go though. I will post it up in the coming months, would love some feedback.

But for now I should actually make a start on it. 


5 thoughts on “How do you motivate yourself?

  1. I’m struggling with motivation as well.. Like you I’m a student at an university, half way through on my way to my bachelor of arts.
    My year abroad in Shanghai is beginning in about 45 short days, time is running fast, I have to study for a lot of exams that still have to be written (and passed), write two papers, still have to fill out my visa application, move out of my apartment, sell and store my furniture, tie up loose ends and so on. And you know what?! For some stupid reason I do what I always do when my to-do-list seems to have no end: I go to bed and do absolutely nothing!
    How stupid, right?! Well, it’s just my natural response to stress. It’s a vicious cycle, the stress just gets more intense with each day that passes. I always work wonders under pressure, however each semester I’m promising myself, that THIS semester everything is going to be different, better. I’ve made that promise 4 times already… I wish I could get just a little more motivated, however I can’t quite figure out how to be consistently motivated. Let me know if you do.. please. 😉

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  2. Wow you have a lot on!! Busy, busy!! I get why you are putting it off, it is overwhelming sometimes when we have so much to do! I think motivation comes and goes depending on life and interests! Just got to push through it sometimes!! Good luck with all your adventures and uni!


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