What makes someone beautiful?


So beauty has been playing on my mind lately. As a young woman in a society obsessed with the physical, it seems to be a topic on everyone’s lips, especially in my workplace, the talk always turns to cosmetic surgery, makeup, filters on photographs, celebrity, weight loss etc.

The idea of cosmetic surgery, whilst frightening is readily available and acceptable and most women seem to understand the need or the desire to do so. So this got me thinking what makes someone beautiful?

Is it the way they look, physically?

Or is it personality?

So I began to ask people what they thought beautiful was, most responded with;

Beautiful is,




Caring personality,


Pretty face,



Someone funny,




When I type in beauty to Google, I’m flooded with images of woman, young and of course beautiful.

For me personally I think a beautiful person is a beautiful soul, someone who carries themselves with confidence and are polite and kind to others.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

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