Slam The Door In Your Face

red doorToday I held a door open for a women with her three children, she didn’t acknowledge me, she walked straight past. It was like the door miraculously opened itself, and than after she past, it closed behind her.

I was invisible, unseen, unnoticed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this occurrence. The way I stood with the door wide open, waiting for a hello, or thank you.

I mean I know I did not save a life or give her a million dollars, but I’m a person, I have a soul, feelings. I would of liked to pull her up, what example are you setting for your child? But I left things unsaid.

Please don’t pass me by like I’m invisible or not worthy of your acknowledgment.

10 thoughts on “Slam The Door In Your Face

  1. Some folks are so tunnel visioned and frankly distracted (like I am at times) that they don’t stop and offer simple thanks and other social graces. People seem to operate differently these days as it comes to manners and that sort of thing.

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  2. I’ve had similar experiences with door holding. It’s such an important gesture to me that I have passed on this requirement to my 11 year old son. But often times people walk through seemingly unaware that someone is doing something nice for them. Could it be that we are just so engrossed in our own minds that we don’t see the courtesy? Or have we become immune to manners? 🙂

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    • Yes I too make sure my daughter shows common courtesy and she’s super friendly. It makes me proud as a parent.
      I think something as simple as a thank you, Isn’t hard and I honestly don’t know how it can be overlooked. Are we too busy, we don’t have time to be polite?

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