Poison Ivy

poison ivy

Photo courtsey of David Love Photography

In leaves of shredding autumn,

Bright red in fall,

Almond shaped,

Poison ivy twines,

Wraps herself,

Around my core,

Rib-cage snaps,

Green fingernails,

Cover my cold throat,

Pulls back with ease,

Sucks the air I breathe,

The venom bathes my veins,

Spilling violet,

The person I once was,

Lost in flames of combustion,

On apple red lips of death,

Breathlessly infatuated

By the trail of thorny roses,

Draping over my neck,

My blood bleeds onto lovers cheeks,

Poison Ivy can have my heart,

Do as she will,

Creeping over my body,

Skulk and slither,

I’ll suffer her wrath.

20 thoughts on “Poison Ivy

  1. Very interesting. A dance with words through life and death. It almost makes a person feel as though they are experiencing it all but quickly. Unlike real life and death. But its kool because seeing it quickly like in your poem you are able to see things a little clearer. Just kool and very thought provoking. Love it.
    Tony R

    Liked by 1 person

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