Metallic Sea’s

ocean 1-the-siren-john-william-waterhouseMetallic seas and charcoal lands,

A crescent moon, low on the horizon,

Our bodies meet,

On the cliffs of narrow sea’s,

Flowing garments, and silk mist,

Wield in the wind,

Aloft in the night,

I search your eyes,

They cast a light to fires raging,

Flames wicker and weave,

Leaving ash and embers kindled,

Blazes across, to reach our feet,

In a moment of clutching angst,

We leap into the inferno of whitewash below,

Jagged rocks and hungry sharks to greet our fall,

In shores of golden beaches,

Under ruby skies,

Our bodies wash,

Our hands threaded,

Grown and nurtured,

Our hearts ripe,

We walk together,

Down an unknown path,

Drifting in love.

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