Ancient Hymns

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On the banks of the river, wrapped in night, under bluebirds wings, enclosed, folded, delicate, gusts of wind to swell ancient hymns, under the precursor of darkness, the faint stars encircling our love, as the South wind turns and tumbles, across the rocky rapids, she throws, her naked body into the raging stream, to glide down the river, wind and water and clouds above, grey skies, streaked in red blood, to engulf, love forlorn, to carry her home.

13 thoughts on “Ancient Hymns

      • That’s why I had to read it three times, ” grey skies, streaked in red blood” the first time, I tilted my head, but then the second time the light was shining and the third was just to enjoy it as one piece of brilliance!. I viewed the red blood as God’s tears.

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      • It’s like with mine if truth be told, I had almost a whole page wrote, but was not feeling right about it. I liked the words but it just was not saying Yes! So chopped the tree down so to speak. To be frank, I like it when you keep me on my toes, means I get to use my brain.


      • Yes, I do the same thing! Sometimes when I post something, I will think hmm nope it’s not very good and they are the ones that people seem to like the best. hehe Writers self doubt. I’ll try write a totally out their poem and see if you can make sense of it shall I? Actually I think all my poems are out there! lol


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