Warrior Queen

Photo courtsey of www.pinterest.com

Photo courtesy of pinterest

The oak tree groans under the weight,

The sky hangs below,

Branches snap,

The earth moans,

Her sun kissed brow,

Tales of burden,

Lays sleeping in her soul,

Scars rein,


A chant of spirit call,

Past and present,

And those to come,

Eyes of weeping stone,

Of dust and dirt,

And oil drills,

Reflections under the sun,

Feathers of an eagle rest,

Upon her head,

A feathery nest,

She honours the sky, the stars, the earth,

A thousand tears cast,

Swept down her face,

A flowing stream,

A ravine swells,

Flooding the valley,

She the rival, on ancient soil,

Warrior queen of Celtic dreams,

Her ancestors on the breath of wind,


18 thoughts on “Warrior Queen

    • Thank you so much Marcus!! I’m so glad you liked it. I just collaborated with Matt, on lyrics for a song. The first song lyrics I’ve ever written. It was fun. Maybe I’m getting the hang of it!!!☺️ thanks again!!!


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