Spanish Latino Music Recommendations >> Camina y Ven By David Bisbal! Lyrics and Translation

Welcome, My Memoir Entries!

My Entries

I think for a couple days, this page will be covered with David Bisbal. I’m probably a fan of his, well… ok i am a fan of his, but just because his music is sooo good omg o.o just listen to this there’s no point explaining. You’ll need to login to Spotify for this and if you don’t have Spotify… omg what are you doing?? Get it now, NO no buts… seriously GET IT 😀 Just to let you know, translation will not be literal translation, may not be 100% accurate, as i will insert and delete where i see necessary, for the purposes of clarity when translating into English.

[ sexy, beautiful, amazing * other adjectives* introduction]

Voy perdiendo vuelo entre el cielo y tus ojos. Atando en sueños tu piel a mi piel.  Contando estrellas al amanecer

> I am losing flight between the sky and your eyes…

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