Silk Cocoon

Wrap the day into silk cocoon, slip the stars into woven swathe, tie the sun to the moon, take the sky caress it in hand, tuck it away safely in your mind. Start the day with a new breath, relish this moment in time.

23 thoughts on “Silk Cocoon

  1. Breath-taking poem.

    “Start the day with a new breath, relish this moment in time”.

    Yes, we as humans should cherish the moments of this life.
    Put down our cell-phones – and appreciate what mother-nature has given us to breath, accept the beautiness around, and experience the moment.

    Beautiful. πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, same here. That’s how I got ignored too, when I go with my girlfriend to her families house. Their all simple-minded people. And they don’t make conversations. If anything the conversations last only 3 minutes and that’s it. I get sad at times…I tried making long conversations with the family, but they seem bored and they don’t feel like talking. It hurts me a lot. My girlfriend has tried talking to her own family about the situation. And they all stay quite and don’t bother saying anything. They don’t even say sorry to me. 😦

        I thought I should share this with you…Do you have any friends who have done this to you? when you’re having a good conversation, are they always on their phones?

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      • Yes, it happens all the time. Out at lunch one day, a whole family of four sat on their phones; didn’t speak once. It seems like a sad reality of our world. Engrossed with technology. Try not to let it get you down, it’s a reflection of them, not you. Perhaps they feel like they don’t have thing interesting enough to say, or they don’t know what to say. πŸ’•πŸŒΈ

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      • I know I shouldn’t let it get me down. But, I remember back in the days, when people had a lot to say. Yes, technology has kept us humans from interacting with one another.

        Have you seen the movie “WALL-E”? That’s pretty much how we’re living at this point.

        My girlfriend always cheers me up and is there for me when I’m sad and down. It bothers her too, when people aren’t paying attention to what I’m trying to communicate.

        Lots of times – I feel alone. Best friends, I only have 2. My girlfriend sometimes worries about me that I don’t have actual friends to hang out. My life is just reading, writing, working, and being at home. I do get out sometimes. But its pretty boring to see people out and about, with their phones and not communicating with their own friends or loved ones. 😦

        It saddens me that I care. I was born in the wrong generation. I feel ashamed in this generation that I’m stuck in.

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      • I think Technology has enabled us to reach out to others far and wide, but not in the physical sense. It has good qualities and concerning qualities also; in that we are losing the ability to communicate face to face. But I suppose like every generation, we face new problems of change.
        I think it is wonderful that you have a passion of reading and writing, and I don’t think how many friends you have is a reflection on the person you are; its not the quantity but quality right?
        Perhaps you are in the right generation? In that you can offer this generation inspiration! Just a thought! x


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