Humanity, A Fragile Hack



Slip down,

Beneath the cracks,

Etched and bandaged black,

Streaking the pavements,

Below the surface,

Darkness cloaks,

Light dabbles,

In vain,

Faces of angst,

Peer up,

Bloodied and broken,

Shroud in dust,

Searching for a hand,

To guide their way,

Empathy is lost,

The winds blew it across,

To another place,

Another time,

Concern swept along,

Deep down,

Below the cracks,

Between barb wire,

Invisible lines in the sand,

We turn our backs,

Humanity becomes a fragile hack.

Photo Courtsey of Migrants seen through razor wire fencing as they walk at the border between Serbia and Hungary, near Roszke, 180 kms southeast from Budapest, Hungary, 30 August 2015. EPA/Zoltan Mathe HUNGARY OUT

Photo Courtesy of Migrants seen through razor wire fencing as they walk at the border between Serbia and Hungary.

Waking up this morning. I came across a heartfelt post and incredibly raw images, of the refugee’s on the Hungarian and Croatian borders, written by The Falling Thoughts called Tyranny. I was deeply moved by the poem, and of course seeing the children’s fearful faces on the news, has broken my heart.

This poem was written for all people who are lost and displaced, by the hands of the powerful; by nations and governments. No human being should be treated like this. No one should suffer as they are. Countries turn their backs, in a bid to say, ‘There is nothing we can do.’ Or ‘It’s not my problem.’ How can we allow this to happen? They are children, babies, mothers, grandparents.

Empathy is replaced with negligence and fear.

Humanity is lost on the border.

10 thoughts on “Humanity, A Fragile Hack

    • Michael, thank you! ❤️ It was defiantly an emotional and raw post. It was heartbreaking to write and the images of these poor people set me off. I hope my words have done them justice. I know it’s only a small gesture of compassion but it’s sincere and from my heart.

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