In Heavens Fair Breathe

Angel by Margarita Kareva

Angel by Margarita Kareva

In heavens fair breathe,

In feathers and fragranced night flowers,

Of sleeping clouds,

Moon of harvest,

Sweeping black birds

And winged angels,

In heavens fair breathe,

The wind left,

The spark of bluebirds eyes,

Disappeared into the skies,

The time of truth,

Vanished with you,

Eyes shut,

Wide awake,

Teardrops cascade,

Fall upon earth’s jaded face,

Fountains and lakes,

Sleeping beside,

In starlight night,

In heavens fair breathe.

11 thoughts on “In Heavens Fair Breathe

    • Awww thank you Kris! What a wonderful comment! I had been thinking about this poem all day, but was so busy I didn’t get a chance to write it; until late last night. Was actually really great to ponder it for the day! ❤️


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