The game is on …

Want to know how to manipulate social media, to getting more traffic? A very fun take on it, by spy key one!!!


I made a wager last night. It relates to how you can manipulate social media to achieve the results you want (or need) IF you play the game.

I said it’s easy. Same old story. Give them what they want. My partner did a quick bit of research on Google and gave me the top twenty key words that people (across the globe) are looking for. Here they are –

1. Jihad
2. Terrorism
3. Hangover
4. Burrito
5. Iraq
6. Taliban
7. Tom Cruise
8. Britney Spears
9. Homosexual
10. Botox
11. Viagra
12. David Beckham
13. Kate Moss
14. Dolly Buster
15. Car Bomb
16. I.A.E.A
17. Love
18. Bebo
19. MySpace
20, Marijuana

So. As this guy said.


Here. We. Go.

A couple of Jihadis were discussing terrorism. One had a terrible hangover. Which is funny because he shouldn’t have been drinking. Against…

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