Purple Night and Turquoise Skies

In ocean’s frothing foam,
Deep below,
Under the surface of ripples and swell,
In harmony,
Tails of metallic,
Scales of purple night and turquoise skies,
Of little flutters and curls,
Gold and silver sea,
Wet and dampened tresses, of mahogany and truffle,
Blushed and blue in the deepest hues,
Eyes of foamy aquamarine,
Treasure swathed on sandy banks,
Gems and pearls, in dewy rest,
There she lays her sweet head,
On a mermaid’s bed.

24 thoughts on “Purple Night and Turquoise Skies

  1. Good morning Jennifer… What beautiful words I have discovered to linger in with my first cup of coffee… Thank you so much for this wonderful image. Wish my head was resting on a mermaids bed as well…
    Have a beautiful day…

    Liked by 1 person

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