Bleeding Hearts

Absolutely incredible photo by

Absolutely incredible photo by

Fairy blossoms in gardens of dappled greens,
Heart shaped on arching stems,
Dangle above her head,
On trees entangled,
Over auburn skies,
Eyes of ebony,
Soft and subdued,
Drops of crimson beads dwindling,
Bleeding hearts spill,
Dusty pink,
Snow white buds,
Whimsical romance,
Pendants of love.

45 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts

  1. You sound so sweet! I imagined you sounding a lot more…I don’t know actually…wild? Quirky! Lol I can’t really imagine doing something like this myself, my French accent would ruin my words haha …but it’s a lovely idea…and beautiful words, as usual ❀

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    • Oh haha my voice is actually really quiet and soft. But um my mind is probably a bit wild and quirky!!! 😜 I thought doing a video was something different, out of my comfort zone. I think your French accent would be lovely!! ❀️

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  2. Jennifer, this poem by far the best…all your work is super brilliant and passionate.

    Your video here proves you have a voice to reach a wide audience. That’s just my opinion, but your voice is amazing and your recite with conviction and heart.

    Excellent poem and video. πŸ™‚

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