A goddess of the forest,
Slipping through time,
Leaves of gold and olive stem,
Swathed in ferns and fronds,
Covering delicately,
Hair of midnight velvet,
Falling gently over bare breast,
A moonlight paddle over tides of steel-blue,
To the water’s edge of pine silhouette  and murky depth,
Of hazy morning mist,
To greet our spellbound sight,
On the banks of the shore,
There she moves under the sun,
Cascades of light drenching her body,
Dazzling the creature of the forest,
Fawn and fallow,
Hare and fox,
Tread alongside,
Black velvet Unicorns canter by,
Here on the mossy floor of golden green awe,
In pillowed thought,
In tiptoed breath,
In dreams of brightly coloured caress,
That is where I will find,
The spirit of Artemis.

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