Incredible photo Courtesy of

Incredible photo Courtesy of World Of

As nightfall settles across the lily scented banks,
Over the deb and flow of the tides,
Of silver skies and sapphire heavens,
In sweet crying shadow,
Her veil slips,
Revealing skin of lily cream, and lips of lavender dreams,
In dawn and dusk,
She basks in the glow of the moon and the sun,
Her eyes of silver stardust,
Like a star of mystical love, she holds my heart.

25 thoughts on “Lily 

  1. This was lovely…You have a great voice for spoken word. If I could change one thing about the video I would have your audio a little bit louder. I had to turn my sound settings all the way up to hear the beautiful sound of lavender petals expressing words written in a majestic order (your voice). On a funny note if you read “Incredible photo Courtesy of” at first glance it looks like world of farts…Which is actually quite comical. Although I am now well aware its intended to decipher into “World of Arts”. Of course I saw World of Farts and thought I better examine the picture again. Regardless of this comical mishap please add more YouTube videos to your content. Great post!

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    • Oh my gosh, haha You know I didn’t even notice the error. whoops, I should go change it, or perhaps I should just leave it, see if anyone notices! lol Thank you for your feedback, and I’ll make sure to turn the sound up in the next post! So glad you liked it! xxx


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