Black Fox and White Hare


fall fashion | Once Upon A Seam

Black fox, paws of prowling step,
Hair of raven stress,
White hare of silky skin,
In panic, rattled by the sound,
Of footsteps on the grassy ground,
In bellflower and hemlocks woods,
Bearded in mossy throws,
She, feet of white snow,
Bare and sliced,
A string on flowers,
Upon her head,
Tousled in curls of golden locks,
Pink camellia and silk petal gardenia,
A bell of the valley,
A daydream among the dale,
A vision of silken sun,
A poets envisioned love,
Of naked dress,
In Arden hideaway,
Under silver Birch and rooted core,
Blanketed by deciduous leaves,
Swathed in ferns and rue,
Laurel, only in my dreams.

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