Pineapple Sugar and Honey Peas

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Asleep in the reeds, of pine and straw,
Canes and stalks,
Asleep in bamboo dreams,
Of pineapple sugar and honey peas,
Asleep in the arms of love and bliss,
In worshipping notes and porcelain shades,
Asleep in harmony,
Floating across the tropical scented skies,
Of yellow sun and heavens of lavender light,
Asleep in veil of white and lace,
Carried gracefully in the breeze,
Asleep in countryside,
Pastures of wine and vines,
Of tangled knots,
Awake in loves sleep.

I was inspired by my best friends wedding this weekend. Weddings are so intense and romantic and truly inspiring. The location was a winery, green, vines, blue skies, straw pastures, sunsets and fresh air.

It was such a beautiful day, and I was blessed to share to it, with the bride and groom.

23 thoughts on “Pineapple Sugar and Honey Peas

  1. So romantic with vivid images. I have to say the picture is quite alluring! I find her boots with the “I dare you” or “take warning” look. By far this us the most erotic picture yet. I know, I know, but trust me a woman who seduces with the eyes versus the lack of clothes – watch out!

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