My Darling, I’ll Forever Wait For You.

This poem, lies close to my heart. Even as I write this, tears fall down my cheeks.

This is a part of me, an honest and true feeling of dealing with infertility and the heartbreak that comes with it.

To my daughter, my love.

I lie in waiting,
In hopeless sleep,
In nightmares and screams,
In tears and falling leaves,
In fear of never meeting you,
Of living my life without you,
I dream of your little fingers, wrapped in my own,
Of green eyes and blonde curls,
Talcum powder and milky breath,
And in my fear,
I forget myself,
I lose my way,
The days are always clouded,
The skies forever grey,
The rain drips down on my face,
In cold shallow wake,
And in all of this heartache and longing,
My heart I know is true,
You are my destiny,
Destined to be,
My darling, I’ll forever wait for you.

50 thoughts on “My Darling, I’ll Forever Wait For You.

  1. I like your poem. My wife too lives that poem. I have a son but try to understand by thinking what if he were taken away from me.
    In your poem I can feel what I feel when my wife and I discuss her feelings about not being able to conceive. I hear the pain, let down, loss of dreams, and most of all the question why?.
    Thanks for allowing me to share your feelings in this way.
    Tony R

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    • Thanks for sharing your own personal story Tony. Yes, Its such a hard thing to describe to someone and there isn’t much anyone can say, or do to make it better. I was lucky in the way of having a lot of supportive people in my life, who I could confine in. But like you said, the question why, plays on your mind.

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    • Aww thank you Wendell. I would love to hear your story. I have been blessed with a daughter, but I wanted to share my personal account and feelings. I know people who are dealing with this right now and I just wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you again for your kind words. xxx


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