Twisted Wire

On battle fields,
Of barren land,
He a warlord,
An oath to the gods,
Tied to Odin, folklore binds,
He gives himself to the skies,

In charging light,
In ink snaked arms,
Painted in the earths clay,
Shielded by armour, of battle ax and slay,

She battles alongside him,
A token of fight,
A flickering flame,
Bow and arrow guild,
Twisted wire, tangled in silver,
Copper and bronze,
Hale in helm,

Winds bay,
Ancient souls in Valhalla,
Chant against the grain,
A heathen at will,
A wielding warrior,
A metal maiden,

Under the noise of the blaring horn,
He is cut,
His wounds spill,
Like fallen rain,
Over the crimson battlefield,
His ancestry runs deep,
As his life seeps into the earth’s core,
Blackening the soil,

She, who stands beside him,
On the fields of death,
A Valkyrie wheels,
Faith, under the raven sun,
Fighting in honor,
To our kinsmen slain,
Opening the golden gates.

16 thoughts on “Twisted Wire

  1. Wow!!! Jennifer, this poem is very, very different from all your other work.

    I really love the tone and the imagery of gods and ancient warriors fighting on the battlefield genre,.

    I love these lines here:

    On the fields of death,
    A Valkyrie wheels,
    Faith, under the raven sun,

    Hit me right in the heart, but in a good way. πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, very different which I love that about all your works.
    They keep evolving into so many shapes and forms.

    Where is your mind coming from? What planet?

    I love this poem so much Jennifer. Two-Thumbs Way up! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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