You Write Because


In a recent post, why do you write? I asked you why you write?  

This post received an overwhelming response, and the answers were amazing.

The reasons why we write, are varied and passionate, but all share a common connection.

It seems as though, we write to express ourselves, as individuals, our thoughts, our feelings. It is a passion, so innately ingrained in our psyche.

As creative people, even if we tried we could never resist the urge to put pen to paper.

So I was so impressed with the response, I thought it might be nice to share them.

I Write Because

“If I didn’t I would explode into data strings all over the walls.” Tony R 

“Doing what we must and can with the words we have.” Aramsey Poet

“I am a WRITER, I am a WRITER….!” Tessa

“It is what you know you are, in your heart and in your mind.” Chris White

“I write because I’m addicted. I can’t kick the habit, no matter how hard I try.” Thomas M Watt

“I write because I need to in order to be my best self.”Smiling Away Food Allergies

“I feel like my words need a home.” John S

“I write because I have no choice. Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to breathe and live anymore. Because if I didn’t, I’d suffocate.” arwenaragornstar

“It’s proven to be therapeutic and incredible way to speak life without speaking.” e

“Because the other voice inside my head tells me to…” Standard Issued Life franz_kafka

The following comments left me with a big smile on my face, your words move me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your continued encouragement and support.

“You write because you the world needs to hear your beautiful words. You’ve got something to say! It’s apparent with all your followers. People love your words. Keep writing because …..
You. Are. A. Writer.” From the beautiful poetess Carisa Adrienne

“Your honesty is truthful to this world.” From the incredibly innovative poet Charlie Zero

“I’m glad you do and you did because I found you and your talent, a true gift of your heart and soul.”From the amazingly talented poet and friend Ax

And this wonderfully heart warming message, which left me speechless, (Yes, it does happen) from the very talented and inspiring Wendell

“Jennifer you are more than a writer, you are a beautiful spirit whose radiance brings love alive within many hearts. I find that what I share is part of my spirits breath. My mother and her mother, and her mother are blessed to have Native American ancestry. My mother also said I was very spiritual, so the life in my words I always feels comes from the great spirit, who showered my soul with his love to share with all. You are wonderfully the same. More than a writer, your spirit shares many treasures alive within. God bless!” 

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