I have been following Lino Robles for a while now and I’m always so impressed by his poetry. I hadn’t read this one until Wet Bliss shared it with us, on my leave a poetry link. Thanks for that! I love it. Enjoy!


My feelings for you can’t be taught
this omnipotent love makes us both gods
i hope you feel it too
with each space between these words left there for you


Was that not deep enough
if not read it again so you know
how to stay current with the way my love flows


I’m looking for tender love in my thoughts
& i see it in you a lot        
remember it’s our universe & we’re all we’ve got
which makes us solid as a rock


Also you can never ask me for too much
cause what i have to feed you
covers your appetite down the middle like an afternoon lunch


I look down at you in awe anticipating your touch
true sexiness that’s borderline love making & lust
everything about you for me is a must
that’s just how love makes us


photo:angel alfaro

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