Tie My Lips In Lace

Tie my lips in laceTie my lips in lace,


I won’t be able to speak,

I’ll show my love in verse,

Tie my heart in Egyptian threads,


My heart will beat outside my chest,

I’ll count my love in arithmetic,

Tie my ears in hymn,


I will not see,

I’ll sing my love in melody,

Tie my mind in threads,


I will contemplate,

I’ll meditate my love with thought,

Tie my soul in velvet,


In peacefulness,

I’ll give my love tranquillity.

39 thoughts on “Tie My Lips In Lace

  1. Your visionary on metaphors is outstanding and absolute.

    The formatting and texture of this writing poem is brilliantly written and you Jennifer are such a goddess of all that is musical and poetry.

    I love this piece especially the tie my lips into threads. Where do you come up with such a surrealism sentence? 🙂 Love it!

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    • Oh wow Charlie, you’re so kind! Thank you. ‘A goddess of poetry and music.’ Oh you sweetheart!! I might put that on my resume. ☺️❤️ I honestly don’t know where my writing comes from? Sometimes I write and then read it back and think, what did I write that? Where did that come from? Lol So strange!

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      • The encouragement has helped me so much!! It truly has inspired me. Can I ask your opinion? I’m writing a story at the moment. I’m up to chapter 10. It’s a urban fantasy type genre. It’s very different to my usual style, of romantic history, and my blog is very romantic. Do you think writing a fantasy type novel would be appealing, seeing as I’m a bit of a romance writer? I hope this question makes sense! Lol ☺️

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      • Absolutely yes! Fantasy novels are very much appealing. And I say go for it. You are going to impress a lot of readers out there if you ever release your novel.

        I’ll so highly recommend that you should do this…don’t ever give up. Make it happen for the sake of this earth and the beautiful energies that are coming your way.

        You are a true blessing of hope and change. I believe this because its true and I see a great and awesome future coming your way. 🙂

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      • Yay!!! I’m so happy for you. Just keep this all in mind. Don’t ever stop writing and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. You are a powerful woman, and I have complete faith in you and I believe in you. You are the light barrier of spirit and hope for this world. 🙂

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      • YES! I have to stop letting doubt getting in the way. That’s my issue, I always doubt my stories mid way through and then start all over again 😓 I will push through it and I’ll finish this bloody novel! Haha I am a strong woman Charlie. I thank you again for your kindness. You have helped me so much! 😘

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      • Doubt should never cloud you. This happens a lot to everyone. If you feel your stories are true to your heart and your put a lot of passion and hard work into it. Then that is what you’ll stick too. Oh…and after your done with the book, give your novel a test run to your closer friends, family, husband, etc. You always want to test something – so you can see a reaction from people. That’s what I do here on WordPress. trust me it helps a lot. 🙂

        I’m always here for you my friend. If you need help, advice, or someone to listen to you…I’m all ears and I’m here to listen. 🙂

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      • I started writing this one, just after my daughter was born. It was strange. I wrote about a chapter. Got busy and forgot about it. It wasn’t till months later, I came across it. Read it and really liked it. It’s so different to anything I’ve ever written. I have had my mum read it. She said she was hooked and couldn’t put it down, and trust me my mum would tell me the truth lol 😅 Thank you so much Charlie! It’s so great to know you are there! 💕

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