The Eiffel Tower


Under a tower of puddled iron,
Rivets and metallic gloss,
Dreams of love,
Drifted upon,
The river Seine,

The Eiffel Tower,

To fill our hearts
To take our breath away,
To soothe our souls,
Dazzle our eyes,
To treat our lips,
To a love affair,

In crimson ties,
Built on a foundation of stone,
On the Champ De Mars,
Mended pathways of amore,
Mortals and immortals tread,

A pinnacle of Parisian reverie,
A lover and muse,
Shaded and stroked,
Tinted in tender notes,

Our hearts belong in Paris,
Haunting the spire of Gustave,
Never falls from the tongues of ancient ones,

Under the full moon and flickering lights,
Paris is glorious on this fine night.

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