Prey-A Duet With This Mortal Flesh


Moonbeam wisps ignite—
I am,

tangled in loves silky spin,
dizzy with delight
inebriated by her visage,
I am,
threaded in loves web,
soaring to forbidden heights
too daft to see,
I am,
matted in a net of woven string,
tighter still her knots they twist,
I am,
thrashing in vanities mirrored burlesque.
enthralled—I am prey
motionless as she consumes
in a venomous cocoon,

I am,
hungry for you.

Written by Matthew and Jennifer
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh © 2015 Ink and Quill

I just want to say a massive thank you, to Matt from This Mortal Flesh. This collaboration was a wonderful challenge, as our writing styles are quite different. Quoting Matt, ‘West meets East.’

I’m a bit of a romantic but I love Matt’s darker writing style. It was great to see where our poetry lead. It was such an honour to work with such a talented Poet. If you are not already following This Mortal Flesh, please head over and check out his incredible writings.


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