Vanity’s Hollow Dreams

Peeking out the window,
Little cracks run deep,
Etch the glass, like little scars,
Engrained in my heart,
Fragmented shards,
Gripping my reflection,
Twisting the image,
Echoing the dimensions,

The face staring back at me,
Lines and broken dreams,
The vision of myself asleep,
In fields of magazines,
My aura scrutinised,
Examined and ruled,
By the hollow eyes of vanity’s sun kissed gleam.

ink and quill

12 thoughts on “Vanity’s Hollow Dreams

  1. I can identify with this poem so well. I often look in the mirror and see not me but my mother or my grandmother. I used to struggle with it, couldn’t accept it, but now I am proud to wear their faces from time to time. Better to look like someone you know and love than to strive to look like a stranger.

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  2. If only my soul could accept
    what my heart tries to see
    a body of shattered pieces
    sewed together by a hair
    eyes empty rolling in pain
    with a mirror battered crafty
    has my mind gone insane
    a cut a nibble a tuck or two
    following the newest fashion
    only to lie to me and you

    I am not a woman and yet I to spend many a night staring at a person I didn’t know and even wrote about it. or sometimes It was who I would have liked to be or though I should have been we are wired strangely when it comes to judging ourself as we always listen to a jury.

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