Hanging on the crucifix,
Of broken spirit and limbs,
Bellowed the changing winds,
The autumn air fallen,
On the march of winter song,
Of gales and tempest,
Black roots,
Clinging to the earth,

My heart haunted,
In return,
I feel my pain weeping in the undertow,
Blackened by the nights midnight glow,
In gasping breath, I hold,

The crucifix bleeds the sun,
We are all alone,
Darkness to bolt,
To grasp at our throats,
Our hearts a voodoo curse,

In valleys deep,
Of serpents lair,
Of ravens nest,
We seek,

In the shadows,
Under the light of the moon,
Broken echoes,
Pieces of fragmented glass,
A reflection of our soul’s path.

I was inspired to write this poem, after listening to this incredibly beautiful song, by Australian singer/songwriter Emma Louise.

Hope you enjoy it.

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