What makes creative individuals different from the rest of the world ?

I always love reading Sudhir’s posts; so insightful and relatable. When I was reading this post; I was nodding my head; yes that sounds like me! I hated school, especially high school. I couldn’t stand being told what to do. I love uni though.

Suvarna Academy

The world is worth living only because of creative souls who have made it worth living.

Most individuals will have his/her creative side to them, but the true creative souls will find it difficult to blend in with societal norms.


Most highly creative individuals tend to be complex than how most people perceive them to be. They tend to be very different from most people around them.

Failure won’t bog them down. They may go into a shell. However, they are likely to be even more determined than before and  bounce back with something bigger and better – doesn’t matter how many weeks/months/years it takes.

They can be introverts and extroverts most of the time. Introverts when they are in the process of creativity and extroverts when they have to promote their work.

Highly creative individuals are their own best critic. They do not need any inputs or criticism from…

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