The Dark

A beautiful short poem; Kevin has created so much emotion in minimal words. Please head over to Kevin’s site to read the original and check out his other works!

K Morris - Poet

Closing my curtain

I shut out the night

And the fireworks

Celebrating something

but precisely what

I am uncertain.

While beyond my drapes

The dark

patiently waits …

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9 thoughts on “The Dark

  1. Agree with you, Jen. Both Kevin and you seem to be fond of “minimalistic poetry”.

    In case you don’t know, minimalism is an art movement, preferably in sculpture and painting, but also in writing, that began in the 1950s. It emphasizes extreme simplification of form and color – in order to give prominence to the “message” (the thoughts and emotions the artist wants to convey and express).

    And as all can see, who follow your blogs, you are both terrific minimalists!

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  2. I admonish you (and Jen) to look at my use of the term “minimalism” more as a talent than an art for per se.

    In my eyes, minimalism is related to reductionism, i.e. minimalists (like you and Jen) know how to break down complex (mostly emotional) phenomena in order to create a kind of ideation, or representation, that makes your own conveyed ideas/thoughts/emotions easier to understand for your readers.

    That sort of talent is usually seen only in professional writers. In persons whose creative, imaginative, sensitive, expressive, and highly aesthetically pleasing. Or, if you like, stylish, tasteful and exquisite.

    So I hope you understand that I wrote so in order to praise your writings. Not to put a special “-ism” tag on you. You know, the best writers are like wild untamed birds. They fly in whatever direction that fills them with molto gusto (meaning vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment).

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