Balancing Act 

 She looks to the space between, light and dark, an opening, a balancing act, a place of warm light, hues of magenta, soft plush velvet and bottle brush blues, in a wonderland of silver stars, and solemn arch, she hovers in fractured air, hanging by a thread.

19 thoughts on “Balancing Act 

  1. Jen, you know how to paint a portrait by using words instead of an artist’s usual colors. You are EXTRAORDINARY!

    And yet you tell Charles Rogers, on his blog, you’ve just learned how to crawl. When you, in fact, already can fly. (At least you already know how to glide in the air. Everybody can see your gliding maneuvers taking place here on your wonderful blog. But your own eyes seem to be shut, so you can’t see what’s happening. Please, Jen, don’t be so harsh towards yourself!

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    • Oh wow thank you! I’m truly honoured by your comments. I have come along way in the past year. Feeling a lot more confident in my writing abilities. I suppose in my head, when I finally finish my manuscript I’ll be flying, published and I’ll be on top of the world!


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