Poppy Seed Yellow 

Stepping across a pathway of flowers and silken petals, of stems and soft buds, thorns and needle pins, colours and hues of summer kiss, poppy seed yellow and aqua blue, a pathway of artistic dreams and visual fantasy, a place far beyond dreams.

9 thoughts on “Poppy Seed Yellow 

  1. Many good vibrations can be felt in this comment field, Jen. Your followers are often very emotional (and I think they should be!).

    Maybe that’s why they like poetry (especially yours).

    Poetry is a way to use words in order to express the thoughts and emotions of one’s inner self.

    And you, Jen, are very good at doing that.

    No wonder you are liked by so many.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much. Yes I agree poetry is a wonderful way to express yourself. Many of my followers are also poets. I love to string beautiful words together and create poetry which is just that emotional, expressive, and a little quirky.


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