Photo coutsey of

Photo coutsey of

Dusk falls,
The night air settles,
Below the setting stones,
Jasmine strums,
The golden strings of love,
With each pluck,
Tides clash,
Fireworks ignite,
Orchids and kiwi notes,
Drift across the summer’s night,
Lost in her tones,
Her red wine lips and honeysuckle kiss,
Nirvana slips,
A mirror reflects light,
Casting her face into the skies.

21 thoughts on “Nirvana

  1. Jennifer your words and imagery are gold and rich. 🙂

    Your lines of wisdom I like here:

    “nirvana slips, a mirror reflects light, casting her face into the skies.

    Such a surrealism image of humanities faces being reflected into skies and the beauty that captures with it. At least that’s what my interpretation is on your poem.

    Love it. 🙂

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