Lemon Tree Lane 


I’m driving, down lemon tree lane,
A path of potholes and lost souls,
A mix of tarmac and dirt,
Clouds and dust,
Smoke and rocks,
Thick red air robes my throat of breath,
I choke on the dryness of the surrounds,

Matilda waits by the roadside,
Dishevelled and covered in earth,
Hair a mattered mess,
Her journey breaking her to the core,

Entangled by the woods,
Our roads cross,
Join and seal,
We meet at a junction,
In the middle of a field,
Directions misplaced and dazed,
Briefly, our hearts collide,
Yet our roads divide.

I wrote this on a long trip back home. Gazing out the window, at endless fields and dirt terrain. Passing Lemon Tree Lane and Matilda Road. I drew inspiration from my surrounds.


23 thoughts on “Lemon Tree Lane 

  1. Just as an example of your extraordinary sense of rhythm in your poems, Jen.

    Take this segment of the poem:

    A mix of tarmac and dirt,
    Clouds and dust,
    Smoke and rocks,

    You can feel the monotony and dullness of the journey. Almost touch it.

    You could as well have written:

    [It feels like] kadonk kadonk
    kadonk kadonk
    kadonk kadonk.

    But you turn the monotony into sights, sounds, colors, smells. All belonging to the landscape you are passing through.

    And that, Jen, is POETRY. The dull monotony becomes an enriching experience – in your “beautiful mind”.

    You really know how to turn ordinary stones into golden nuggets, Jen!

    That’s why you are such a gorgeous poetess!

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  2. Hearts collide, and roads divide…beautiful, heart-breaking. Reminded me of something I read early this evening -‘“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.”- Khalil Gibran.

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