Broken-A Duet with Ax




On the current she rides,
By the rise of the tide,
Wishfully wanting,
Waiting to see,
Swallowed by the grip of the sea

By the winds that howl across the sky,
With a chill that streaks with a cry,
Sails filling,
Straining to be,
Lifted, set free

By emotion swept up on shore,
The waves flailing,
Upon watery bank,
Breathing life into my fragility,
And silencing the land,
The sway of the ocean,
Summons to release

With a scream that would surge,
Space that travels,
Below and above,
Twirling hurricane force,
The sway of my heart,
Now beats and beats

Like the wings of an angel,
Trapped on the seaboard,
Shattering feathers,
On salt and brine,
Patterned, on the rise and fall,
Wavering, to the pulse,
And as it all tumbles down,
I’m lost to the sound,
Of our hearts beating as one

With one final leap, faith,
Extends a hand to lead, me,
Into the arms of the one, you,
Who, was always there from the start,
Behold my eyes that bleed, flooding,
Bled, so red would skew the colour of right,
White, the purity of truest loves light,
A life, left to wander without sight,
Fused with the hope of this, new night.


I want to say a heartfelt Thank You to Ax, for collaborating on this poem with me! For the inspiration and the vision, in bringing this poem to life.

We all know Ax at perso in poesia is an exceptionally talented poet, who’s work I truly admire. If you don’t already know this, well you should head over to his site and check out his beautiful words.

Working with Ax, is always an honour and pleasure.

Thanks for putting up with this Diva, Ax!



31 thoughts on “Broken-A Duet with Ax

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  2. Lady Diva!!
    the honor is all mine. Thank you for the invitation to spin words with you. Creating something so meaningful and beautiful especially now is a gift and what better gift is there than to share.
    My heartfelt appreciation for your friendship
    Your fan
    Your Friend
    Antony xxx

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  3. Dreams and hopes are like unrealistic realism. Related to oxymorons.

    Some of your used metaphors are like oxymorons, at least partly.

    It explains why reading poems like this one is mind expanding and so enriching.

    Both my thumbs up in the air, Jen (and Ax)!

    Liked by 3 people

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