Silk Sails


Helen Sobiralski. Photography.

As the lantern sailed,
The west calling,
In sonnets crown,
Laminating against the flow,
The tides moving glow,

Her golden reflection,
Brow in dewy mist,
Silk sails,
And a cascade of cotton cream,
Heirloom lace,
Lips to kiss,
Perfect powdered pink,

Stirring with the seas,
The copper light,
Fills the oceans tides,
On the winds gentle breath,
Floating a ribbon of angels hair,
Cotton rag paper entwined,
In tussah and mulberry silk twine,
A letter across the times,
To meet lovers eyes.


16 thoughts on “Silk Sails

  1. Jen, you seem to be in a state of constant or eternal love.

    Without being on drugs…:)

    Your message, in your poems, is very often the same.

    But you are, all the time, very good at putting new “clothes” on these thoughts and feeling. You don’t reiterate yourself. Sp your ability to create new metaphors seems to be constant and eternal as well.

    I hope you really enjoy your life as much as I enjoy reading your beautiful poems.

    I would call you not only a gorgeous poetess but also a seductive muse.

    Please, tell me, which of the nine goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (who preside over the arts and sciences), do you prefer to be likened to?

    You can read about them here: .

    Let me guess, Jen. I think you prefer Erato, the muse who is the protector of Love and Love Poetry. (Her name comes from the Greek word β€œEros” that refers to the feeling of falling in love.)

    Erato is often depicted holding a lyre and/or shooting love arrows at human beings.

    Maybe you are good at playing a lyre, Jen?

    At least I do hope you know how to handle a bow. You must not miss your target when using a bow! A love arrow hitting the wrong person – that could me disastrous. So be careful!!! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha BB! No drugs here. I often worry that I might repeat myself in my poetry. It’s good to hear, you don’t think so. I have a beautiful life. Very blessed. Thank you BB. I followed your link, I enjoyed reading about the 9 goddesses. And yes i think you are right in saying I would choose; Erato. Yes, I’m a pretty good shot! Lol ☺️


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