Black River Run


Black river,
Oily and murky rift,
Swig the liquor,

Feel it crawl on your tongue,
Creeping on the outside,
Burrowing down,
Liquid burning,

All consuming,
Seeping like venom under skin,
Break open another bottle,
To cool your throat,

Let it wash away your dues,
Deeply, softly in the hues of your past,
Chocking on toxic shock,
Cradled in trembling hands; the numbness of the juice,

Lost moments,
Windows bolted up,
Fastened in wrought iron locks,
The wrath of your guilt,
Burdensome lies,

Skulk in the backdrop of your soul,
The coils of the throne,
Bent and wayward,
Worshippers long gone,
Alone and unveiled.


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