Melting candles,
Dipped in wax,
Laboured breath,
Intoxicated in the debris,
Scent of vanilla and smoky cathedral walls,
My mind can’t let go; enthralled in grief,
Eyes closed,
Suffocated by the shadows,
Gasping, on bent knees,
Tearing open,
Rending, in wake,
A wreath of laurel,
Kneeling please,
The altar, the coffin; take centre stage,
A cross upon the final resting place,
Withered flowers to lay, veil to hide my face.

J.Calvert 2015

25 thoughts on “Melt 

  1. Very good, Jen! Love can be all around on many occasions. The same goes for other emotions too.

    In fact, wherever you experience strong emotions, you’ll find not only love but many other feelings as well.

    Because you are such an emotional woman,Jen, try to use ALL your emotions available on your own emotional palette.

    Don’t even be afraid to paint, now and then, with unhappy emotions like fear, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger and so on.

    The greater variety there is in your poems, the more lovable – and PITHY – your poetry will become.

    And maybe best of all, dear poetess Jen, you too will become more pithy, emotionally trustworthy, and lovable, In your readers’ eyes and hearts.

    Remember, you can’t live from love alone. Life doesn’t work that way.

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  2. And you succeeded, Jen!

    I just meant that love, like other strong emotions, can be found everywhere. So if you are going – and wanting – to describe reality, in a trustworthy way, then it’s not enough to only focus love. There are many more emotions to take into account.

    And now you are exploring a great variety of emotions, Jen!

    Couldn’t be better, gorgeous poetess!

    Maybe some of your fans disagree with me. I suppose they do.

    But at the same time, think of the tv news. Many viewers complain there is too much sad news presented by the news anchor. They are right. On the other hand, you can’t change the world. There IS more unhappiness than happiness. As a poetess you should address both sides. Not only write about happiness.

    That’s my opinion. And advice. Use all the colors available on your palette.(Not necessarily in the same poem; that would rather sound weird and diminish your trustworthiness.)

    In short, Jen: You are taking good care of your beautiful verbal talents. Listen to my applause! I hope that sound can – and will – inspire you to continue your writing!

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    • I really do understand what you mean BB. I’ve always loved writing, only recently discovered my passion for poetry. So it’s great to be given advice and I always enjoy a challenge. If you have time you should check out some things I’ve written in the past under my sidebar; dark poetry. Or quirky! Lol ❤️ Thank you BB I’m inspired. I’ve got another post lined up already. ☺️😅


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