Impasse-A collaboration with A Standard Issued Life

What an honour it is, to have your poetry turned into music. The talented Matt at A Standard Issued Life, did just that. My poem Impasse, is now a song.

Please have a listen and head over to A Standard Issued Life, to check out more of Matt’s poetry and music . Matt is a both a talented poet and musician.


In mocking breath,
In heartaches kiss,
The shards,
The pieces,
Of fragmented impasse,
Piercing the skin,
Droplets of blood spill,
And pool,

Another stitch to thread,
Yarn and twill,
Another wound to heal,
To close the gaping hole,

Forgotten times,
Of yesterday,
Ghosts of the past,
Persists at my window pane,
The howling wind,
Knocks against the frame,
Begging to enter,
The window is locked,
Access prohibited,

In my heart,
I hold a place,
Only for you,
Awaiting, in sleep

Here’s the link to the original poem, Impasse.

16 thoughts on “Impasse-A collaboration with A Standard Issued Life

    • HI, I just checked and the song, is uploaded to the post through sound cloud and I have included a link to the original poem (Which hasn’t got the song link on it, as this was posted before it became a song) at the bottom of the post. Is this what you meant? x


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