A Million Tiny Little Pieces + One 

I feel like my life is just a million tiny little pieces, plus one. Shattered. Broken, trying to fit back together. My heart hurts and I’m trying fantically to find my purpose. My worth and belief in myself is cutting to the core and I’m searching in panic for answers which never come. ‘A massive day at work, and a rejection email for a poetry journal, and relentless hard work, all rolled into one.’




36 thoughts on “A Million Tiny Little Pieces + One 

  1. Honey-I know exactly what this feels like- I am going through something similar. So first of all, F*ck the poetry journal, cuz they are lame and just blind so you don’t need that anyway. Second, you are amazing and gorgeous and sweet and such a deep hearted caring mama. We are here to remind you of all your wonderfulness when you get down. You are not alone in feeling this way-know that it will pass, but in the mean time–lean back into my arms and I will remind you how incredible you are. One of a kind sweetness!! I adore you. Insanely *big hugs* angel. xoox

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    • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You’re amazing Kristen. So sweet and considerate. I’m seriously blown away by your support. Insanely big hugs heading straight back to you darling heart. Yep you are right! F*UCK the poetry journals! hehe 😉

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      • Yesss! That’s right girl. Fuck ’em!! Feels good doesn’t it 😉 from the outside looking in your talent is oozing and I truly believe really wonderful things are in store for you. Keep goin mama- these are the experiences that makes us strong and allow us to stand out! I just adore you so much. Thank you for the awesome hugs 😍💕 you’ve got this, one day at a time love 🙏💕💓

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      • Omg you have seriously made my day and filled me with hope and more determination. It’s amazing the support I’ve found here on WordPress. Truly blessed! So lucky to have found you here Kristen! Such a amazingly talented poetess, and beautiful girl. I adore you too!!!! 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Big hugs to you Jennifer. Wonderful attitude though…your words are wonderful and will find their way to the right home. And no one can take away the joy you feel when you write, how it fulfills you. Your day will come Lovely. xo

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