A Darling Little Affair

A Darling Affair,
In a suffocating grip,
13th avenue,
Parkway drive,
Rose bush and spike,
A thorn in her finger,
Melrose and Ford,
Pride and pleasure, mixed,
A present at noon,
A blue blanket and an old feathery pillow,
In crestfallen gloom,
If I had antlers, my head would be heavy,
My heart an entangled wound,
Dripping in gallons,
Burdensome secrets,
Cloak and danger in the closet,
Tapping to reveal,
The darling little affair,
Between two.

27 thoughts on “A Darling Little Affair

  1. OK, you are officially almost moving faster than I can keep up!!
    This one is equally amazing as the last but for a whole bucket load of reasons. But also sharing a common one, Your word choice is exquisite. πŸ˜‰ <3<3<3


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