Femme Fatale



With a carving knife,
She sliced the coral,
Slipped and cut the skin,
Torque, the patterns swirled,
Blood to jinx,
Cutthroat, the callous heart,
A hex and hymn,
Wet lips entice,
Femme fatale in the night,
The sailor a puppet on a string,
Lured in,
A dirty pool of paper kites,
And laundry aired,
Clotheslines spin,
Ego’s; revolve,
Deadly woman,
Hush, masculinities virile,
Glue to mend the kneecaps,
Duct tape, to hold,
Stamp, a warning label,
Fragile and breakable souls,
Irresistible, little mystic note,
Blighted by the oath,
Cast at sea, femme fatale,
A sirens plea. 


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