More Poetry from Australia ~ Jennifer

Thank you to Charles, for having me as a guest host on International Blogging. For all your support and encouragement, is truly appreciated and I am honoured to be featured on your blog! xxx

Charles Clanton Rogers



Guest Host: Jennifer Calvert

quill Three Poems:

Kill Your Darlings

kill all your darlings

Sweetly she sings,

Vocals, like the sound of the wren,

High pitched and toned,

Beating in the wind,

Cutting edge,

She risks, her heart,

Only to find,

It shaded and shun,

A shadow without the sun,

Darling little one, broken,

And fractured,

Kill the mood, emotions beguiled,

The veins perse, bleed from the inside,


Razor sharp,

Hazardous to her heart,

Her song, she sings,

A potion to cast,

Unrequited love.


Dolls Alive

dolls alive

Lying limp in the fields,

A wilted stem and rose,

Buried under emotions,

Dead and decayed,

Little by the little she withers away,


Enate; her limbs spread,

Her wallow heart, heard throughout,

The more she sheds, the further the sound,

Resonates and ricochets across the lea,

A compass of indirection, broken by the span of time,

Southwest, northeast; a confusing melody,

Towards a…

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