I have written Her…..

I have no words to describe how much I love this poem, by the very talented Eric. It’s just so incrediblely beautiful. Took my breath away! ❤️❤️❤️

My Sword and Shield....

I paint Her portrait in prose
I use equations of
vowels and consonants
to define Her…..
All My life, I have written Her….

I have written Her eyes
Deep dark and brown
Glittering green or Fathomless blue
Holding entire worlds of pain and joy
speaking for Her when Her mouth can not
dropping Oceans of tears or Shining bright like the
morning Sun

I have written Her hair
a fiery sea of red
golden like the desert sands of Her home
black like the vast emptiness between the Stars
or the color of the earth beneath My feet
Piled high upon Her head
Spilling down Her graceful neck
short and dusting Her cheeks
falling playfully in Her eyes

I have written Her skin
Pale and fragile porcelain
freckles and dimpled imperfections
all dusky hues in shades of tropical climes
warm and honey flavored
with the qualities
to be the steel…

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